Our Projects

Yaf Keru – Project Status 3 (do not show title)

Community School Workshops and Annual Coral Explorers TripYaf Keru is currently being used as 'classroom' for students from local villages XXX and XXX.These students snorkel on the reef, and are taught simple coral ecology and how it is intrinsically linked to their lives, and the livelihood of those in their...

Yaf Keru – Project Status 3 (do not show title)

Ongoing monitoringMonthly monitoring dives indicate that corals are settling and growing more than 1 cm per month with very little mortality.  This gives us great hope that this restoration tool can be replicated successfully in other areas that require restoration.  After the first 4 weeks, the structures were already providing...

Yaf Keru – Project Status 2 (do not show title)

15 structures have been installed restoring an area of 100m squared, and on these structures 1900 (and counting!) coral fragments have been transplanted.We expect that within 3-5 years the structures will be entirely covered by corals and home to a variety of marine life.

Yaf Keru – Project Status 1 (do not show title)

Training of our 3 local staff members has been completed.This training was conducted in Labuan Bajo with Coral Guardians, and required the team to spend one month learning about coral ecology, history and coral fragment collection and transplantation techniques.Involving local community members as managers and ambassadors we aim to create...


Yaf Keru – Objective 4 (do not show title)

4) To research and learn more about the resistance, resilience and regeneration potential of Raja Ampat’s healthy Reefsajklsf'ldfglkdshfgldjsfg


Yaf Keru – Objective 1 (do not show title)

To contribute to the restoration, maintenance and conservation of the Dampier Strait reef systems as well as the services they provideRaja Ampat's reef something something something goes here...


Yaf Keru – Objective 2 (do not show title)

2) To directly improve the livelihood of members of the community by creating paid working positions.Currently Yaf Keru involves 3 members of the local community, Tomi, Yermi & Rio.  After spending one month training in Labuan Bajo, where they learned about coral ecology, history and transplanting methods, they returned and along with...


Yaf Keru – Our Coral Garden

Raja Ampat is one of the last strongholds on earth where coral reef systems still thrive. With the increasing impacts climate change on coral reefs worldwide and the growing tourism industry in Raja Ampat, Conservation efforts are a top priority. Rather than waiting for irreparable degradation to occur, we aim to establish a series of restoration...


Eyes on the Reef – Megafauna Monitoring

Our location is centred within a Marine Protected Area and designated shark sanctuary. The establishment of these zones has been very successful in protecting the area, and aiding the recovery of those species impacted by destructive fishing practices just 1-2 decades ago.  Through this project we aim to identify and demonstrate...


Manta Sandy Ranger Station

Manta Sandy is a well known cleaning station in the Dampier Strait region. Known for it’s regular sightings of mantas during the season, it has a become a ‘must see’ dive site for all operators. However, the ever increasing level of human traffic is impacting manta aggregations and we are...